7. All large cakes

IMGP3436 Wed 19th - CCC Amaretti & Peach Cake for Food bank delivery
Amaretti and Peach Cake
imgp4230 fri 4th amaretti & rose water cake for mad bakers evening - 8
Amaretti Rose cake
IMGP3482 Thu 27th - 2nd Apple cake from 1 mix 100 cakes book - for CITP food bank
Apple Cake
IMGP2393 Tues 3rd - Apricot & Walnut cake - 8
Apricot and Walnut Loaf Cake
IMGP4613 Tue 19tth - Apricot, Walnut & Choc Loaf for jig saw cafe - 8
Apricot, Walnut & Chocolate Loaf
IMGP2626 Tues 1st May - Banoffee Pecan Cake - 9 or 10
Banoffee Pecan Cake
IMGP3521 Fri 5th - Second CCC Beetroot & Apple cake - For MAD Bakers evening
Beetroot and Apple Cake
IMGP4704 Wed 27th - Blueberry & Lemon Cake for Limelight - 7+
Blueberry and Lemon Cake
IMGP3823 Thu 1st Nov - CCC Blueberry Sandwich Cake with Lemon Cream cheese filling - 8
Blueberry Sandwich Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Filling
imgp4293 tue 15th caribbean cake for school
Caribbean Cake
IMGP3568 Wed 10th - My Cherry Almond cake for school
Cherry and Almond Cake
imgp4277 thu 10th - chocoalte & banana loaf cake for food parcels delivery
Chocolate and Banana Loaf Cake
IMGP3859 Tue 6th - finished Chocolate & Cream Cake - for school
Chocolate and Cream cake
DSC05167 Wed 7th Feb - Choc & Meringue layer cake - 9
Chocolate and Meringue Layer Cake
IMGP4692 Tue 26 - Chocolate & Raspberry cake for school - 8
Chocolate and Raspberry Cake
imgp4449 tue 29th - chocolate cheesecake for school
Chocolate Cheesecake
imgp4314 thu 17th chocolate, coffee & caramel cake for limelight
Chocolate, Coffee & Caramel Cake
IMGP3817 Wed 31st - Fully decorated Choc sponge for Limelight
Chocolate Orange Sponge Sandwich Cake
IMGP4146 Tue 18th - Golden Choc wreath for school
Chocolate Wreath
IMGP2939 22nd - 24th June - Citrus Poppy Seed cake - 8
Citrus Poppy Seed Cake
IMGP4550 Tue 12th Coffee Liqueur Cake + Marbled choc glaze, beans and raspberries for Schl - 9
Coffee Liqueur Cake with Marbled Chocolate Glaze
IMGP3518 Wed 3rd - Country Fruit Cake for Limelight
Country Fruit cake 
Dark Chocolate Sponge cake  (with step by step photos showing a near disaster to avoid)
IMGP4011 Tue 27th - Date & Nut loaf for Limelight
Date and Nut Loaf Cake
IMGP4527 Sat 9th - Grape & Almond cake from Baking Heaven mag - for CITP Sunday - 8
Grape and Almond Loaf cake
IMGP4014 Tue 27th - Nutty Blue cake slice for school - 6+
Ian’s Nutty Blue cake
Layered Chocolate Guinness Cake
imgp4252 tue 8th - lemon iced madeira cake for jig saw cafe 7
Lemon Iced Madeira Cake
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMGP4182-Fri-28th-Lemon-Lime-Polenta-Birthday-Cake-9.jpg
Lemon & Lime Cake
IMGP1989 Thur 18th Jan - Lime & Polenta cake - 8
Lime and Polenta Cake
IMGP4134 Mon 17th - Mincemeat & Marmalade cake - 7
Mincemeat & Marmalade Cake
IMGP4063 Tues 4th Triple Choc & Orange cake for school - 8+
Mega-Choc Orange cake
IMGP3700 Mon 22nd - Three Flavour Triple Layered Bundt Cake for jig saw cafe
My Three-flavoured Triple-layered Bundt-style Cake
IMGP3638 Wed 17th - My Orange, Lime & Almond Bundt cake for Limelight - 8
My Orange, Lime and Almond Bundt Cake
IMGP2065 Thur 8th Feb - Whole Orange cake
Orange Curd and Almond Cake
IMGP3904 Tue 13th - Peach and Almond cake for Limelight group - 8
Peach and Almond cake
IMGP4656 Sat 23rd - Pecan, Pear & Apricot cake for CITP Sun - 9
Pecan, Pear and Apricot Cake
IMGP4054 Mon 3rd Plum, Peach & Coconut Cake for jig saw cafe - 8
Plum, Peach & Coconut Cake
IMGP3946 Tue 20th - Spiced marmalade bundt cake for jig saw cafe - 8
Spiced Marmalade Bundt Cake
IMGP3958 Tue 20th - Spicy Ginger & Vanila Upside down cheesecake for schl - 10
Spicy Ginger & Vanilla Upside-down Baked Cheesecake
IMGP4501 Tue 5th - Strawberry & Pistachio Polenta Cake for school - 8+
Strawberry and Pistachio Polenta Cake
IMGP2503 Wed 18th - Strawberry Mousse cake - 9
Strawberry Mousse Cake
imgp4390 tue 22nd - turkish delight & pistachio cake for school
Turkish Delight and Pistachio Cake
IMGP4585 Thur 14th bruleed vanilla cheesecake at group meal - 10
Vanilla Cheesecake with Chocolate Biscuit Base
IMGP3515 Wed 3rd - Walnut, Date & Honey cake for Thur food parcels
Walnut, Date and Honey Loaf
IMGP3915 Tue 13th - My Walnut, Pes & Vanilla cake for school - 8+
Walnut, Pea and Vanilla cake