“Bakers’ Get Together” – July 2019

About a month afterwards……

It’s nearly a month since a group of us shared the day together in Matlock for the Bakers’ Get Together Day. Sorry about the delay writing this, but it’s given me time to reflect. I really appreciate the positive feedback from everyone involved.

First, I’d like to thank everyone who turned up. You definitely made all the hard work worth it. I’d hoped for more people, but clearly it was a case of quality not quantity. I have to admit it was very disheartening to have so many drop out, especially in the last few days prior to the event, but these things happen.

Judging by the feedback sheets I received, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable day for everyone. Many asked if I’ll be doing it again. And here’s the benefit of waiting a month to write this because my initial response would have been a definite “No, once is enough.” But, having had time to consider, I think I might. What do you think? Whether you attended or not, I’d love to hear your views. Shall we do it again?

In term of detail for the day here’s a summary of the group responses:

Venue: Everyone thought it was great, so I’d definitely use it again.

Food: It was also great. The combination of what visitors brought and what myself and friends provided here made for a fantastic lunch time spread with plenty  on offer throughout the day.

Serving team: They did a great job and it was nice to have them join in with the visitors too.

Activities: We had plenty to occupy us and it all seemed to go well. We began with an excellent talk about “Come Dine With Me”. The Macaron demo was especially well received. The soda bread “hands on” session seemed O.K. and the cup cake decorating challenge worked well, especially as it was a last minute fill in because one of our “contributors” dropped out. The chocolatier demo later went down very well too.

Price: Everyone seemed very happy with the price, but I’ll probably have to charge a bit more if I do it again next year.

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Updated Itinerary (at Friday 12th, but still flexible – all times are approximate)

09:00 – 09:40    Guests arrive – teas, coffee biscuits etc.

09:45 – 11:00    Welcome from Ian & Various activities from the progamme, maybe a quiz. Talk by Angela Parker – “Come Dine With Me” participant. Macaron demo – Mandy Fentem

11:00 – 11:30   Coffee/tea break + cake, of course

11:40 – 12:50  Ian and others making soda bread                                                                            Other talks/demos as time allows

13:00 – 14:15 Lunch & socialise

14:20 – 16:40  Cup cake decorating challenge. Other activities from the programme as time allows.

16:40 – 17:00  Summing up, thanks, comments & questions                             

18:00 – 19:20             Martin, from Taylor-Wilde Chocolatiers will demonstrate making and applying chocolate ganache and chocolate roses. This will take place at their shop in Cromford ( 10 minute drive from Matlock. Places are limited and tickets have already been sent to those who requested one. Please don’t arrive at the shop before 18:00.)

  1. Directions on foot from Matlock BR station (Map also attached to e-mail):
  • Walk down to the main road and cross at the lights.
  • Go over the road bridge (River Derwent) and turn right into Hall Lees Park.
  • Walk through the park heading for the far top corner, past the boating lake.
  • Leave the park and continue on the road for a few minutes.
  • Turn left at the staggered crossroad (Lime Tree Road) and walk uphill for a couple of minutes.
  • Lime Tree Centre is across the road on your right.
  1. If coming by car:
  • Enter through the gates (I’ll probably put out the green sign boards we use on Sunday mornings, saying “Church In The Peak”.)
  • Drive to the car park, passing the building on our right.
  • Please try to park in the central area of the car park or by the left wall, avoiding the doors belonging to other business premises with whom we share the site.
  • I’m hoping to have someone there to welcome you and guide you in.
  1. The foyer.
  • Come straight in, someone will be there to welcome you – me hopefully.
  • There will be drinks and snacks.
  • Also a table + programme booklets and name badges.
  • Tick you name on the list then have a drink, nibble, chat and socialise.
  • There’ll be plenty of helpers around to take any bakes that you’ve brought and keep safe until later.
  1. Activities

Unfortunately several people have had to drop out for various reasons. This is a shame in itself, but made worse by the fact that I no longer have anyone who will do a sugar craft demo and have also lost a volunteer who was going to speak about baking as a business. If anyone is able and willing to do a short demo of anything baking related or a short talk I’d be really grateful and it will certainly add to the day. Could be anything relevant: favourite bakes, techniques, disasters, tips and tricks…..

I’ve come up with a replacement activity as well – It’s a cup cake decorating challenge. Teams of two with 3 cupcakes each to decorate in a set time. Hopefully fun and not too competitive. Optional of course.

With people dropping out there’s now at least one place available for the chocolate demo in Cromford, after we finish at Lime Tree. First come, first served.

LATEST NEWS – Tues. 25th June

Not long to go now – only 17 days. (Hope you like this colour.  It certainly stands out.) Anyway, here a few recent thoughts, ideas and details. 

  1. I’ve recently been informed that there will be another group using other rooms in Lime Tree Centre during the morning of Sat. 13th, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Ironically, it’s also booked out for use by the local SLIMMING WORLD group. I have already made name badges for guests and helpers, so that’s one way we can distinguish who is in which group. The other way is to see who’s eating cake and who isn’t.
  2. I’m a bit concerned that several of those coming have not been able to say yet whether or not they’ll be baking, nor what they hope to bring. (I only need to know sweet or savoury or snack). Don’t worry if you’re not able to bring anything, I just need to know.  I’ll e-mail again. 
  3. Those who are baking, please would you bring a list of ingredients so that we can avoid any allergy issues.
  4. Sadly two of the ladies who have offered to do talks or demos have had to drop out. This leaves us a bit thin on the ground for “activities”, so I’m looking for anyone who would do a short talk or demo on any baking related topic. It doesn’t need to be long or technical. And remember, you’ll be among friends. Please get in touch if you can contribute in any way.
  5. I’ve got a lot of baking books (surprise, surprise), some of which I no longer need. What do people think about having an “unwanted book” table in the room? We can swap books or simply take one or two and make a donation to a charity. (preferably a food related charity). What do you think?

Please respond either by e-mail or CCC facebook.

Monday 10th June

It’s getting closer – not long to go now. I’m really grateful to all those who have volunteered to do a “slot” on the day. We have a range of activities being planned, including sugar craft, a macaron master class and a hands-on soda bread session – the results of which will be part of our lunch. Talking of lunch, I’m also very grateful for all those who’ve offered to bake and bring items. 

If you do intend bringing something and haven’t yet let me know, please would you as myself and Mandy are currently trying to finalise our food for the day. No need for details, just say whether it’s sweet or savoury for lunch or snacks for during the day.

On the day itself, please would all contributors provide a list of ingredients. Not only would this be interesting anyway, but it will be a valuable aid for anyone who has a food intolerance or allergy. 

Another thing we can do on the day is a recipe exchange, so how about bringing along your favourite recipe or two. 

That’s all for now. If there’s anything else you need to know please contact me either via Facebook or e-mail.

Finally today, here’s a really useful link for tourist information around Matlock: https://www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/images/documents/E/Economic%20Development/Tourism%20publications/Matlock_2019_miniguide_on_A4s_for_web.pdf

26th March 2019

I’ve just created a page with info. on a few of the many local attractions within 30 minutes drive of Matlock. I know quite a few people coming to the Bakers’ Day intend staying for the whole weekend, or longer, so this is mainly for you. I’ll add more to the page shortly, but here’s the link: https://retiredblokeonfoodnstuff.com/things-to-do-in-or-near-matlock/ 

So far we have about 25 people booked and coming, with another 10 – 15 who have expressed a keen interest. If you know anyone who would like to come along, please encourage them to get in touch.

A bit nearer the time I’d like to hear from anyone who can offer a lift and anyone who might benefit from that. I know we’re a diverse group geographically, but if there’s a chance of car and cost sharing then it’s worth looking into. If that relates to you, then please let me know.

In terms of progress, not much has happened for a while other than one or two tickets being e-mailed out. I’ve also begun buying soft drinks and other edible items whenever I’ve* seen any bargains. (*When I say “I’ve” what I really mean is “my wife” – she’s a far, far better bargain hunter than I’ll ever be.)

Monday 4th March

The free extra session with Martin at Taylor-Wilde Chocolates is now full. Their shop can only manage 15  guests and places were offered to the first people to purchase tickets for the main event, the Get Together Day itself. 

If anyone who is attending the chocolate event at Taylor-Wilde’s shop in Cromford would like to stay on for an evening meal afterwards then please join me and my wife in Parkey’s Eatery, which is a small, very pleasant restaurant next door to the chocolate shop. See link below for details. I recommend booking soon as it is very popular, especially on Saturday evenings. When you book, please mention the CCC or my name as I’ve already told the manager to expect such bookings.



OTHER NEWS (18/1/2019):

Having suggested £8, I’ve bowed to friendly advice to ask instead for £10 per ticket. This will cover hire of facilities, admin costs, lunchtime salad, soft drinks and all other drinks during the day. I hope this is OK with everyone. 

Everyone who has expressed a definite interest or intention to come will be contacted – probably via a Facebook message – with my address. Please send a cheque payable to Ian Parfitt + your e-mail address and I’ll send a printable ticket + other information. If you’re not part of the Clandestine Cake Community, but would like to attend, send me an e-mail (see contact page).

Here’s the likely itinerary for the day. It’s fairly general in the hope that several more guests are prepared to do a short baking-related talk or demonstration. Please consider it, you’ll be among like-minded friends. The following times can be very “fluid” depending on how things work out on the day.

09:00 – 09:40  Arrival + teas/coffee and biscuits. 

09:45 – 11:00  Welcome talk by Ian, Quiz, various talks and/or demonstrations

11:00 – 11:40  Coffee/tea break + cake, of course

11:45 – 12:50  Practical sessions if possible or more talks & demos.

13:00 – 14:15  Lunch & socialise

14:20 – 15:40 Either practical sessions or more talks & demos.

15:40 – 16:00 Summing up, thanks, comments and questions

18:00 – 19:30 Martin, the owner of Taylor-Wilde Chocolatiers, has offered to give a demonstration related to using chocolate in baking. This will be in their shop in Cromford, which is a 10 – 12 minutes drive from Matlock. They can only accommodate 15 people though.  


Date: Saturday 13th July 2019

Times: (See itinerary above for latest) Still to be decided, but a likely start time will between 09:00 and 09:30. The most likely finish time will be around 4 – 5 pm, but people will be free to leave earlier if they choose.

Venue: The Lime Tree, Lime Tree Business Park, Lime Tree Road, Matlock, Derbyshire. DE4 3EJ This is a large, recently refurbished unit close to the centre of Matlock with a large car park. It’s only a five minute walk from Matlock BR Station and the National coach station. The Lime Tree is the current home of Church In The Peak.

So far I’ve booked the main meeting room, which can comfortably seat over a hundred people, a connected ancillary area with sliding doors, the kitchen, toilets and foyer areas. Other rooms are available for further hire nearer the time, should we need them.

Activities: Socialising with food and drinks, guest speakers, possibly some seminar activities and practical skills sessions, plus a shared lunch.

Cost: Still to be decided, but I’m aiming to keep it around £6 – £9, depending on how many people I’m likely to get. (£10 – see above)

Tickets: Upon receipt of the £10 payment, I’ll e-mail a printable ticket.

Food: I’m hoping that in the great tradition of the Clandestine Cake Club most people will want to bake and bring something along to share. Nearer the time I’ll ask those who I know are coming to bake one or two things, probably sharing out these categories:

1. bread

2. savoury

3. cake/pudding

4. biscuits/nibbles

I’ll provide tea, coffee and other “all-day” drinks + such things as salad, sauces, pickles, butter and soft drinks for our lunch together. (If anyone prefers, there are lots of pleasant cafes in or near Matlock, but I’m hoping we can all stay together for our lunch.)

The weekend: July is a great month to visit the Peak District, so I’m expecting lots of people to arrive in the area on Friday and stay at least until Sunday. I can make recommendations and help with directions. To whet your sightseeing appetite have a look at the tourist website:


Also, in Cromford, we have a brilliant quirky bookshop called Scarthins Books (they also have a cafe.) Here’s a link to their website: http://www.scarthinbooks.com/


From London, the train takes about 2hr 30 min. The journey is London to Derby then a local train to Matlock. It’s an expensive option. Coach is cheaper. The journey is from London to Chesterfield then local bus or taxi.

Useful sites:






Finally (for now) if you have any questions or comments please contact me here, using: IZParfitt@googlemail.com  or go to the contact page.