My Bakes and Recipes

So far in my baking journey most of what I’ve made has been direct from various recipe books, with occasional attempts to veer from the text: some successful, some OK, some disastrous. (Probably these last ones taught me more than the others – more on that later.)

You may well be much further on in your baking journey than me; you could be a seasoned expert (if so, please be patient with me.) Or you might have just begun your journey, creating brilliant bread, terrific tarts or fantastic flans. Whichever is nearer, I hope this will be of interest and benefit. I’m going to feature past bakes and talk through what happened: what went well and what didn’t. And, hopefully, why. Then I’ll either give the full recipe, or I’ll publish a link to where it can be found.

  1. Biscuits and cookies
  2. Tray Bakes
  3. Scones
  4. Chocolate Cakes
  5. Loaf Cakes
  6. Cheesecakes
  7. All other large cakes
  8. Small Bakes (Cup cakes and muffins etc.)
  9. Other Sweet Bakes (pies, tarts and flans)
  10. Savoury Bakes
  11. Confectionery and Patisserie
  12. Bread

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