10. Savoury Bakes

IMGP4119 Thu 13th - Apple & Red Leicester Scones - 8+
Apple and Cheese Scones
IMGP4492 Tue 5th - Cheddar & Sun-dried Tomato scone round - 8+
Cheddar and Sun-dried Tomato Scones
Cheese and Onion Cornbread Squares
IMGP3782 Mon 29th - My Chicken, Shallot & Honey galette - 8
Chicken, Shallots and Honey Galette
DSC02404 Fri 3rd - Homity Pie
Homity Pie 
imgp4402 fri 25th - blue cheese & red leicester scones with figs from nt book 8+
Red and Blue Cheese Scones with Figs
IMGP3887 Fri 9th - Sausage and pate plait - 8
Sausage and Pate Plait     
Savoury Flapjack Squares
IMGP3317 Tues 28th - Stilton,Leek & Potato Quiche with Pecan pastry 8
Stilton, Spinach and Potato Quiche 
IMGP4471 Sat 1st Feb - Stilton, Walnut & Maple Scones - 8+
Stilton, Walnut & Maple Scones