Some of my Easter Bakes

Easter is such a great time of year for so many, many reasons. Usually the weather is beginning to improve, daffodils are in flower and the nights are lighter. For millions around the world, myself included, it’s a celebration of Jesus’ sacrifice for us all and that he rose again having conquered sin and death. Then, of course …. (yes, I’m getting there, be patient with me) …. there’s baking: Hot Cross Buns, Simnel Cakes, Chocolate Cakes, Chocolate Eggs and loads more.

Here are a few of my Easter bakes that I’d love you to try.

Let’s start with these lovely Orange and Dark Chocolate Hot Cross Buns. Being yeasted they take a while, but are well worth the effort.

Many cakes can be “Easterised” (what a linguistic liberty) by simply adding lots of mini-easter eggs and – as you’ll see in a minute – I make no apology for doing just that. My White Chocolate Lemon and Lime Cake is a good example.

Two quick and easy bakes that also make good use of mini chocolate eggs are my Easter Blondies and Easter Flapjack. These are easy to “bag up” as gifts too.

Simnel cakes are a terrific Easter treat. Most years we have good friends come to stay with us in the Peak District and they love cheesecakes. A few years ago I made them a Simnel Cherry Cheesecake. It went down so well that for the next two years I made a Gluten Free Simnel Apricot Cheesecake  and then a Mango and Pistachio Simnel Cheesecake.

Whatever you bake I hope it turns out wonderful and that you have a fantastic Easter.