The Old Smithy, Beeley

Quick Comment

Name:                         The Old Smithy       

Location:                    Beeley

Date/time of visit:  Sat 29th Aug. about midday (bank holiday weekend)

Seating/space:          Reasonable number of outdoor tables available

Service:                      Good – efficient and friendly

Menu:                          Good – Plenty of choice

Food quality:            See below

Pricing:                       See below

Facilities:                   Apparently it has a gallery


I had a fond memory of their excellent cheese scones, but as I’d already had one elsewhere a couple of hours before arriving I decided to opt for something else. I was doing one of my café walks – about 10 miles with a couple of “fuel stops” en route.  (I’ll be posting some of these walks shortly) Having had the savoury part of my lunch a few miles back I chose a cake from their enticingly lovely selection on display.

But I’m getting ahead here. Let’s go back to my arrival. The Covid 19 safety measures were clearly in use. I was greeted soon after arrival and escorted to an outdoor table, efficiently and pleasantly. On the way I passed a menu board crammed full with a very good range of choices.

As the indoor area was quiet I was invited in to choose my cake. It wasn’t an easy choice, they all looked so good. I chose one of their walnut, date and chocolate mini-cakes. The cake and the Americano that I ordered arrived speedily. The coffee was reasonably strong, with good colour and taste. All was going so well, but then the cake didn’t quite live up to expectations. It was OK, but rather dry. Had I arrived several hours later, near closing time, I could understand it, but this was early afternoon, so I’m not sure what happened. Overbaked? Maybe, who knows? It had a good flavour and was better than merely edible, but I just knew it could have been so much nicer. Shame.

Pricewise, it was possibly a little higher than average, but in the middle of a busy tourist area during a bank holiday weekend what do we expect? Coffee & Cake for £6.90 isn’t going to break the bank is it? I’ll definitely go back. I think they deserve the benefit of any doubt and the dry cake probably wasn’t a fair representation of what they can offer.