The family Tree cafe, Whatstandwell

Quick Comments

Name:                         The Family Tree                  

Location:                    Whatstandwell         

Date/time of visit:  Sunday 23rd August 2020 – late morning, lunch time

Seating/space:          Plenty of seating indoors and outside (with awnings)

Service:                      Variable, depending on which waiter or waitress

Menu:                          Reasonable, but much less on offer these days

Food quality:             See below

Pricing:                       OK

Parking:                     Small car park + limited roadside parking nearby

Interests:                  Cromford Canal, walks nearby


I’ve eaten here on many occasions pre-Covid, so the differences were quite clear and significant. Having said that, the staff, like so many in Derbyshire cafes, are handling things extremely well. They have every possible safety measure in place.

I could have eaten indoors, but as it was a nice day and I’d walked six miles to get there I chose to sit outside, which was pleasant. Had it rained I would have stayed dry under the expansive awning above my bench and table.

The waitress who first served me combined efficiency and friendliness, the young lad who brought the food was less “with it”, but I did get some salt and pepper after a while. No big issues either way. Service was OK, despite having three different people involved.

The menu choice was limited compared with pre-Covid, but reasonable. I chose a chicken sandwich with salad and cole slaw. It arrived quite promptly, even though they were busy. The chicken sandwich was fine, the salad I’d describe as “lacking imagination”. It had lettuce, it had cucumber, it had tomatoes, it had little else. It was a salad , but it could – and should – have been so much more.

I followed the sandwich and  salad with a coffee and a cake. Coffee was fine, the cake was very nice. I chose their homemade Tiffin, which was a very good choice. Mmmm, tasty.

I’ll definitely return. Although the main part of this meal was a bit average, I’ve had many other very good meals here and probably will again.