Edensor Tea Cottage

Quick comment

Name:                         Edensor Tea Cottage (For some reason that I’ve never found out, Edensor is pronounced as Enser)

Location:                    Chatsworth Estate

Date/time of visit:  Sat 29th Aug 2020 (bank holiday weekend)

Seating/space:          Good, plenty of outdoor tables

Service:                      Good – quite quick and very friendly

Menu:                          OK, bit limited, probably “scaled back” due to Covid 19

Food quality:            A bit disappointing

Website:                    https://www.edensorteacottage.co.uk/

My view

My last visit here was way before “Lockdown”.  I seem to recall it had an elegance, a sense of “upper-crustness”. Maybe it was the table lamps subtly highlighting the beautiful cakes on display. That was some time ago and I ate indoors. On this occasion it was a bank holiday weekend during the current Covid 19 pandemic and I was outdoors in what, I believe, was previously the car park.   

To their credit they seem to be handling the current situation, with all its restrictions, rather well. But – and it’s a big but – the food was disappointing. To be fair, I only had a cheese scone with an Americano, so a limited range. I do like my coffee strong. By any standards this was far from that; it was weak and insipid. The scone, which they served with cream cheese and chutney, also lacked a distinctive taste or flavour.

There was nothing drastically wrong with my light lunch, but there was nothing memorably right about it either. £6.55 wasn’t extortionate, but possibly a little over the odds. Having said all this, I’d still return, if only to give a fairer, fuller test of what’s on offer.