No-knead Spelt and Fig Loaf

Here’s a variation on my Ridiculously easy No-knead bread. It’s not a quick loaf, but it’s certainly easy. The result is a lovely, medium density loaf packed with luscious figs. Makes: A medium loaf – about 12 slices. Time: The actual hands-on time is very brief. It requires a long proving time, but can be … Continue reading No-knead Spelt and Fig Loaf

My Best Bakes of 2021

Last year my “retrospective of 2020” was very popular, so I’ve repeated the idea for 2021 and here it is. I’ve had to be selective and have limited myself to only two or three bakes per month. As well as being popular with many people, these are definitely some on my personal favourites. Hopefully, they’re … Continue reading My Best Bakes of 2021

12. Bread

Isn’t bread wonderful stuff? I could never manage the Atkins diet (no bread). I started making our own bread a couple of years ago in a small bread machine. It was great for a while then I bought Paul Hollywood’s 100 Best Breads book and began making bread by hand. It wasn’t long before I … Continue reading 12. Bread