Triple Chocolate and Biscuit Fridge cake

When you need a cake that’s mega-chocolaty, quick, easy and super-tasty, this is IT. No baking is required. It’s a great, flexible cake, with lots of tasty options. One that you’ll probably make lots of times. It will be lovely every time, but probably never exactly the same each time. Serves: 12 – 15 Time: … Continue reading Triple Chocolate and Biscuit Fridge cake

Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake

Fizzy cola works great in a cake to give extra lift and here it adds flavour too. The end product is a very moist, rich cake that looks and tastes terrific. Makes: 10 – 12 quite large slices Time: Hands on/prep: 40 – 45 min. Baking 30 – 36 min. then cooling. Filling/topping 20 min … Continue reading Cherry Cola Chocolate Cake

Adaptable Chocolate Cake

Here’s a really good basic chocolate cake that everyone will enjoy just as it is, but it also lends itself to a whole range of extras. As I write this, my current favourite “extra” is cherries, but I’ve also added in pears which give moisture as well as extra flavour. I occasionally add in ground … Continue reading Adaptable Chocolate Cake