Triple Chocolate and Biscuit Fridge cake

When you need a cake that’s mega-chocolaty, quick, easy and super-tasty, this is IT. No baking is required. It’s a great, flexible cake, with lots of tasty options. One that you’ll probably make lots of times. It will be lovely every time, but probably never exactly the same each time. Serves: 12 – 15 Time: … Continue reading Triple Chocolate and Biscuit Fridge cake

Orange Chocolate Tart

This gorgeous tart owes much to a Cappuccino version by Mary Berry, which I adapted prior to making this “even more changed” version. Both are rich, tasty and sumptuous. (Also, mega-calorific, but occasionally that’s a road well worth travelling.)    Makes: 12 – 15 slices, depending how big you want them Level: Easy (No actual … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Tart